Series 1400

Series 1400

Series 1400 Nuclear Water Valve 

ASME Class 2 & 3 Nuclear Safety Related Water and Air Service Butterfly Valves


  • Sizes: 3" - 24" for water service
  • Body Style:
    • Lug Wafer
    • Wafer
  • Design Rating:
    • Standard pressure class: ANSI 150# Class valves up to 24"
    • Maximum Shut Off Pressure for Bubble Tight Service: 200 psig
    • Maximum Normal Service Temperature: 300°F
    • Maximum Faulted Condition Temperature: 350°F
    • Maximum Radiation Exposure: 1 x 108 Rad
    • Seismic Rating: Class 1 for active and non-active services. The upset, emergency or faulted conditions will be analyzed concurrently with 5g seismic load applied simultaneously along three major axes. The stress levels will be maintained within the Code allowables.
    • Valve Operability Assurance: Pratt will submit a program for providing the valve operability assurance requirement to meet the intent of NRC Reg. Guide 1.48 with the proposal describing the valves to be tested, type of testing and test conditions.