Pratt® bonneted knife gate valves have a cast stainless steel body, gland and yoke, and is ideally suited to reduce fugitive emissions and packing leakage. The wiper between the body and bonnet prevents solids from entering the bonnet. The body cavity, seat configuration, and beveled gate design provide shut off capability in thick media such as pulp stock and slurries, or solid media like pellets and powders. 

Custom designed sizes, pressures and configurations are also available for our bonneted knife gate valves. If you have a unique application and can’t see the size and specifications you require, complete the quote request form or call us at 888-256-5779.

ProductDescriptionSizePressure Rating
Figure 193Stainless steel cast body3" - 24"150 CWP
Figure F193 Fabricated body26" - 96"Customer specified


Figure 193


Figure F193