AWWA Rubber-Seated

AWWA Rubber-Seated

Ball Valve

Pratt ball valve superiority begins with the use of a resilient seat and the E-LOK® seat retention system. Thus to the readily recognized advantages of a full-port unobstructed waterway and excellent throttling characteristics, Henry Pratt has added greatly extended seat life to the ball valve and at the same time has reduced operating forces and provided drop-tight closure. As a result, the ball valve becomes the ideal choice for a wide variety of applications where before only much heavier, more expensive and costly-to-maintain valve types were available.

  • Sizes: 4" - 60"
  • Body Style: Flanged ends, three-piece cast construction double seat for bi-directional shutoff
  • Pressure Class: AWWA C507 pressure classes 150 & 300 psi.

In addition to over 100,000 successful E-LOK® seat installations since 1968, several tests at Pratt and independent laboratories have demonstrated the integrity of the E-LOK® seat design.

Pratt ball valves have been tested at 300 psi differential for 10,000 cycles per AWWA C-507 proof-of-design requirements and tested bubble-tight at the conclusion of the cycle tests.

Ball valves have also been tested to prove their resistance to the effects of cavitation. After several free discharge cycles at 200 psi pressure, a test valve was subjected to a 100 hour continuous cavitation test at 95 psi differential pressure and a valve angle of 25 degrees. Line velocities in excess of 70 feet/second and localized velocities across the seat in excess of 100 feet/second were attained during the tests. At the conclusion of the tests, the valve was bubble-tight at 300 psi.


  • Cross Section Double Seat Rubber Seat Ball Valve Submittal Drawing (GA-11336)
  • 150# Rubber Seated Ball Valve Pratt Worm Gear w/ BSN Submittal Drawing (GA-12212)
  • 300# Rubber Seated Ball Valve Pratt Worm Gear w/HW Submittal Drawing (GA-12267)
  • 150# SS/DS Rubber Seat Ball Valve w/MDT Submittal Drawing (S-2015)
  • 300# SS/DS Rubber Seat Ball Valve w/MDT Submittal Drawing (GA-11440)

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