PSI - Pratt® Surge Inhibitor

PSI - Pratt® Surge Inhibitor

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  • Sizes: 2" through 24" flanged ends
  • Body: Ductile Iron
  • Disc: Buna-N encapsulated steel
  • Seat: 45° non-slam seat
  • Flexor Assembly: Stainless steel
  • Complies with AWWA C508 Standards
  • NSF/ANSI 61/372 Certified
  • FBE coating interior and exterior

The Pratt Surge Inhibitor utilizes a reinforced flexible disc element. The materials of construction for the disc element are comprised of a carbon steel hinge pin with nylon reinforcement in the hinge section and an alloy steel disc plate, all of which, are fully encapsulated in a specially formulated rubber compound that resists wear and ensures years of maintenance free performance. The hinge tab of the flexible disc is secured between the valve body and disc. The disc is able to pivot about the reinforced hinge section. The speed at which the valve closes depends upon the dynamic recovery factor of the disc.



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